Every Day Is Earth Day in Casa

Each April in the Casa Program, we repeat the same theme: Precious Planet – Keeping Earth Green. This theme coincides with Earth Month & Earth Day as they are celebrated and honoured throughout the world. This theme also provides a great platform for the Montessori child’s continued Cosmic Education, through which he or she learns to conceive of himself or herself as a contributing and receiving member of a greater and interconnected whole.

This month, children have been learning about the damage that humans have caused and continue to cause to our beautiful home. Conversely, they have also been learning about how the individual choices they make can lead to positive change and a brighter future for our planet and all of its residents. Earth Month ideas resonated and the children felt inspired and empowered, as evidenced by the spontaneous playground cleanups that ensued and their enthusiasm to choose theme-related work from the shelves and take part in Earth-friendly art projects. They collaborated to make an abstract art piece using empty water bottles and netting from produce packaging to blow coloured bubbles onto a gigantic canvas. What fun!

Let’s Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Let’s clean up the messes we have already made. Let’s raise and educate a generation for whom every day is Earth Day!

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