Welcome to My Life: Biography Day in LED

MBTS parents and students recently had the good fortune of meeting some of history’s most brilliant men and women – and even a few legends and deities – during LED’s Biography Dress-Up Day!

The LED class’ Cultural exploration of Europe culminated in a display of biography projects on their chosen subjects, which included famous authors and artists, explorers, inventors and scientists, saints and Samaritans, athletes, rulers and royalty, as well as a mythical king and a goddess!

The children put a great deal of effort into their projects, with students conducting the research and writing processes as independently as possible. Younger students wrote their projects in first-person, and displayed their research in “speech bubble” form, while older students had the choice of writing their biographies from the more traditional, third-person point of view.

The day was made even more exciting because the children came to school dressed as their biography subjects, and stayed in character for the duration of the open house visit! It was so wonderful to listen to parents and visiting students from the LEU and MYP classes enthusiastically ask thoughtful questions, and inspiring to listen to the children speak knowledgeably and excitedly as their biography subjects.

Thank you to all of the parents, as well as to the students of LEU and MYP, who took time out of their day to come and support the children in their efforts to delve headfirst into History and Culture!

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