Casa Cleans Up Dart Park

To honour the Parent Guild’s first-ever “MBTS Community Impact Day,” the Casa children went on an excursion to Dart Park with a dual purpose. First, they worked as a team to clean up all the garbage that they could find on the ground, sorting it into trash and recyclables. After all of their hard work, they enjoyed a well-deserved play in the playground. They got back on the buses feeling tired, happy and proud of the impact they were able to make for their community, particularly at a familiar and well-loved public space. Great job, our little environmentalists!

In other news: We’d like to say a big thank you to the fabulous LED Grade 1 ambassadors, Abby, Brooke and Blu, for taking the time to stop by our Casa classrooms to read a letter of welcome to our Kindergarten students, as they prepare to make the transition to Lower Elementary!

Have a wonderful summer!

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