Creating Art with Heart for the Pines

Art has real power, and the potential to bring great happiness into the lives of others. As an Art project for the Parents’ Guild-organized Community Impact Day, I thought that creating art cards to share with the elderly would be a great idea, and a wonderful opportunity for the children to give back and do something for others in our community. 

The Pines was an ideal choice,  as I feel children have a special relationship with the elderly, and it would be a nice gesture to paint a picture on a card and write a short message to the residents. Not only would this be a meaningful way to share joy with our community, but it would also enable the children to use some of our knowledge and skills from Art Class to create something special.

Prior to creating the cards, we discussed the importance of helping people in our community and giving our time and effort for the benefit of others without expecting anything in return. All of the Lower Elementary students were quite keen to do this project and we chose to use the method of Pointillism as our style of painting.

The students spent a great deal of time and care making these cards and when I mentioned to one of the classroom teachers how impressed I was with the students’ hand writing, she said that it was so very neat because the children really wanted to do their very best work for the recipients.

The finished cards were simple but beautiful, and these little works of art certainly brought a lot of heart to the residents of The Pines.

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