Fighting for Felix, One Bag at a Time

In conjunction with the MBTS Parents’ Guild’s Community Impact Day initiative, the students of Upper Elementary East came together in June to upcycle old t-shirts into reusable bags. These unique, environmentally-conscious bags were then sold to raise money for seven-year-old Felix Lubin, who is being treated for neuroblastoma, a rare form of brain tumor.

The children’s decision to put their fund-raising efforts towards helping a fellow child was easily made, with many of them already knowing of Felix’s plight. The students’ compassion was very evident as they spent the day cutting, knotting and sewing bags using old t-shirts. Special thanks go to Casa teacher Ms. Krista, who generously shared her sewing expertise with the children.

The bag sale was completely sold out, with all of the bags being purchased by very supportive parents, family members and friends. Thank you to everyone who helped make Upper Elementary East’s fund-raiser for Felix a success.

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