Filling Hearts and Feeding Families

In response to the inspiring Community Impact Day initiative spearheaded by the MBTS Parents’ Guild, the children of the Lower Elementary Downstairs class recently conducted a food drive to benefit the Good Samaritan Food Bank. After a lengthy discussion about the many different ways we can all make an impact on the community, the children decided that feeding families who are in desperate need was the top priority!

The students enjoyed visiting different classrooms to make announcements about the food drive, and even brainstormed and practised various catchy “slogans” to try and get people excited to donate! The children were very eager to “inspect” the various canned goods and dry food item that were being brought in, and loved checking our collection bins to see how much more food was appearing each day.

We were fortunate to have parent volunteers Ms. Julia, Ms. Lisa and Ms. Stacey help bring the children to the Good Samaritan Food Bank, where organizer Ms. Eden told the children a bit more about their valuable work. The children loved packing brown bags full of food for families, and even got their food drive donations weighed. They were thrilled to learn that they brought in almost one hundred pounds of food!

Helping others has been a real focus in the classroom throughout the year, and the food drive was a very meaningful way to wrap up a year of student-led, community projects, including the class’ Earth Day beach clean-up, the student-organized Talent Show which benefitted the Cayman Islands Humane Society, and the class decision to donate our collected dress-down day money to the Special Needs Foundation. 

Here’s to a wonderful, meaningful year of filling our hearts by helping others!

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