KidsCARE: Spreading Friendship by Beautifying Benches

KidsCARE Volunteers Spread Friendship and Unity to Spotts Newlands Community Park

The KidsCARE volunteers have done more great deeds this term and have spread their love throughout the community.

The children decided that they really wanted to donate something significant to the local community. Thanks to Ms. Marilyn Conolly, we were put in touch with Sunrise Rotary, an organisation which founded the Spotts Newlands Community Park. Sunrise Rotary founded the playground in 2010 because they believed that the local area needed a safe place where children could be free and enjoy themselves. The Sunrise Rotary Club was enthused when they found out that the children wanted to volunteer at the park.

First of all, the children visited the park and brainstormed what they thought would make it more welcoming to children and families. They decided that they wanted to create a bright, colourful space which would bring happiness to all who visited the park, and chose to paint three friendship benches.

All hands were on deck as KidsCARE students collaborated wonderfully to paint the benches. One was painted a deep blue colour, which the children chose to represent Montessori By The Sea, the Caribbean Sea around us, and our island heritage. The second bench was multi-coloured to represent the diversity within the Cayman Islands, and the third bench was painted bright orange to represent that although we are all different, we come together in union as one.

 KidsCARE students said that when anyone sits on the bench they should feel “calm, happy, peaceful and loved.” We hope that the park is used by many families for years to come and that everyone who enters the playground can enjoy a peaceful moment on one of the benches.

Why not pop down to Spotts Newslands Community park and check them out?

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