Making Coins Count in LEU

The children of the Lower Elementary Upstairs class organized their first, very successful Coin Drive. The students voted on which local charity they wanted to support, and Have a Heart Cayman came out on top!


The students made posters to advertise our coin drive. They realized that a little pile of change isn’t much on its own, but if we all collected change together, we could make a big difference! Once we had collected all the coins, the children spent the morning sorting all pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters that were donated. They had lots of fun estimating how much money was in each pile of coins. One dollar in pennies looks very different to one dollar in quarters!

We counted over 7,000 coins and in total, we raised$641.75!  Huge thanks go to all of the children and families who so generously donated to this special cause. Ms. Jennifer from Have a Heart Cayman came to visit our class last week to collect all of the coins. The students were very pleased to learn where the money was going and more about what Have a Heart Cayman does.  

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