MYPs Turn Trash into Treasure

As the oldest students in the school, the Grade 7 students were eager to take on a project for the Community Impact Day that was fun but that also offered a suitable level of challenge (they are teenagers now, after all!). It was decided then: let’s build a bench!

Pallets and paint were kindly supplied by the Birch family (thank you, Cheryl and Jim), while tools (and definitely some extra assistance) came from Upper Elementary teacher Mr. Chad. The Grade 7 students supplied hard work and determination as they worked together to alter the pallets to make a bench for the community.

After working for several hours on sawing, drilling, measuring (and remeasuring), a fully functional bench was completed! It was painted a light blue colour to complement the ocean. It was placed along the ocean side at Prospect Point. Now, people in the community have a place to sit and enjoy this beautiful and scenic spot!

Way to go, Grade 7s!

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