It All Starts with a Dot: Visual Arts in Elementary

“Everything starts from a dot.”

– Wassily Kandinsky, artist


Welcome to Art and Drama. I am very excited to return to a bright and fun school year with new and familiar faces, and to explore a universe of creative possibilities with the children.

At the beginning of the school year all Elementary students are introduced to the First Great Lesson, the Story of the Universe. In Art, we also went all the way back to the beginning, and created our own interpretation of the Big Bang Theory using chalk pastels on black paper. It was loads of fun and quite messy too. Upper Elementary students also had their own opportunity to explore and express their response to the Great Lesson, and they used liquid watercolours and rock salt to create a picture of space. The students added white tempera paint and oil pastels as they saw fit.

During the first term in Lower Elementary Art, we also reacquainted ourselves with a character we all know and love: The Cat in The Hat by Dr. Seuss. We had fun trying our hand at drawing the cat and making a whimsical background using oil pastels. The young artists of Upper Elementary have also been using pasta shapes to create textured three-dimensional art. The students decided on a scene or design and sketched it out first.

“The Dot,” a story book by Peter H. Reynolds is a much loved book about Vashti, a student in Art class who thinks she can’t draw. It is an inspirational story that teaches students to recognize their talents and encourages the students to explore self –expression. The book is so popular it has its very own International Dot Day on the calendar.

Schools all over the world celebrate this day, often engaging the students in an art project making their own dots. Lower Elementary students were put into teams and they worked together to create a long banner with dots painted by all of the students. They also got to make a “Dot Buddy” by creating a dot, cutting it in half and finding a buddy to add their different half to make a “whole” new piece of art. This project helped students develop team work, negotiating skills and celebrate their uniqueness.

What a busy start to the year, full of enthusiasm and joy!

— Ms. Helene, Visual Arts Specialty Teacher




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