Sowing the Seeds of Leadership and Learning in Upper East


Already at this early point in the school year, the students of the Upper Elementary East (UEE) class have all demonstrated positive work habits and an innate zest for learning. Currently, the UEE students are focused on Ancient Civilizations. Concepts and skills incorporated into this project-based initiative are the history of Mathematics, an understanding of different base number systems, scripting an imaginary recount through the eyes of a child in their chosen civilization, models of famous architecture, making and sampling dishes from various regions, and writing a comparative narrative between two ancient civilizations. We look forward to the presentations of the children’s comprehensive research projects towards the end of October. We will keep you posted!

Using Life Sciences as the backdrop, we have planted bean seeds to integrate various aspects of study in Geography, Mathematics and the scientific method. Students employed the scientific method and rendering hypotheses for two comparative plants with a different variable. With their own data collection during this longitudinal study, the students will draw graphs and charts and analyze the data by determining averages for the samples.

We would like to thank the Grade Six students for embracing extra responsibility and exercising leadership in so many capacities. The learning environment has been joyful, imaginative and productive, due in no small part to the positive attitude and eagerness to learn and lead displayed by the eldest members of the class. The Grade Six students have judiciously led the Council Meetings for both Upper Elementary classes, and they have been efficient and eloquent in acting as chairs and peacekeepers through the process.

They are also collaborating to organize the ‘Movie Night” to be held on the afternoon of October 12.  This involves the choice of the movies, the market research to determine the movie of choice from our younger peers in the school, and managing the full schedule; this includes deciding on activities and the food for the event, and making an informative flyer.

We are heartened to witness the sprouting of the seeds of leadership and learning in the UEE class. We know that with continued cultivation and stimulation, these seeds will rapidly grow throughout he year to become mighty and strong.

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