Exploring Planet Earth in October

Now that all our friends have settled nicely into the swing of the new school year, we have had an eventful month of October in the Casa program, packed with exploring and learning all about our planet Earth.

We took a step back in time and received an exciting presentation on the theory of the Singularity, which explains how the universe was born and time began. The lesson included the popping of a balloon full of glitter! We have also learned how the continents were all once joined together in one big super landmass called ‘Pangea’.

To kick off our studies on the wonderful diversity of our home planet, we have done a brief overview of each continent and touched upon the different cultures and animals native to each. We have enjoyed learning about the weather and the ‘furious forces’ at work on Earth and here on our tiny island in particular. We discussed how important it is to be prepared for a hurricane, with one Casa child offering the sage advice that it is extremely important that we all “Keep Oreo cookies in [our] evacuation kits!”

We hope that everyone has a safe and wonderful Mid-Term break! We look forward to seeing everyone back at school for the end of the month, when we will enjoy a spooktacular Halloween!

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