Creative Storytelling in ICT

This month, the Upper Elementary students have travelled the high seas, explored dynamic story elements, and chosen their own adventures – all during their weekly, action-packed hour of ICT!

The Grade Four and Grade Five students have been working on projects using a coding program called Scratch this term in ICT. Scratch software allows students to understand computer programming by creating steps and commands using code blocks. The Grade Four students have been creating a High Seas Adventure dialogue using characters or “sprites”. The Grade Five students are creating a story using sound integration, movement of ‘sprites’, setting design and interactive storytelling.

Have you ever read a story book where you choose the next step that the character should take, and you decide how the book should progress? This term, our Grade Six students explored this creative concept by using Google Slides to make their own interactive stories, where the audience decides what happens next. The Grade Sixes learned new skills involving linking slides and creating ‘click-throughs’, while enjoying the freedom of creating fictional stories with multiple possible outcomes. They also really enjoyed the feature of G Suite that allows members of shared projects and documents to collaborate simultaneously. That made project brainstorming a whole lot easier, and a whole lot more fun!

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