La Maisonnette Opens Its Doors!

November has been a very busy month in French: we’ve all moved into our new Maisonnette, and our students are thriving in their new home!

During our transition time, our Grade One students have been learning a new French song, and creating their own ones too! Similarly, the Grade Two students practised some French clapping games and invented their own games to demonstrate to the class; they have also been learning all about some common French sounds. The Grade Three students are currently learning a French poem about mosquitoes, in which they identify parts of the body and other French sounds. 

In Upper Elementary, the Grade Four students have been hard at work creating their French family trees. They were very proud of their final products, as was their teacher! 😉 The Grade Five students have been getting to grips with the French Alphabet, by spelling their names, cities and countries, and also saying where places are. Our Grade Six students have been discovering hidden pirate treasure, while learning how to ask and give directions. They can now find their way around a town, and ask where a place is!

Our new learning space has truly been a hit with the children. Here are some rave reviews of our new space, following our move last week:

Grade Four:

“I love it, I love it!”

It smells like graham crackers!”

Grade Two:

“Can we stay here?”

I want to live here!”  

“It’s a fantastic room!”

“I want to stay here forever!”

“The cool thing about this house, is that it has a roof!”

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