Celebrating Diversity Through Art

Celebrating cultural diversity and traditions are a big part of a Montessori education, and an essential part of a meaningful study of the Arts.

In the weeks  leading up to our annual Christmas concert, we learned about Diwali, the Festival of Lights, which is as widely celebrated in India and around the world as Christmas. Lower and Upper Elementary students were exposed to an Indian art form called Rangoli. The students created their own Rangoli designs by sketching and painting detailed patterns whilst learning and listening to Indian Rag (traditional Indian music). The results were vibrant, colourful and wonderful, and the students were focused, and engaged as they carried out interesting conversations in the course of creating their designs.

We then steered our attention towards Christmas and how we celebrate this festive time with carols and classic Christmas songs. Our studies in Visual Art progressed in line with the children’s work in Music, as Ms. Ana began lessons and rehearsals for the upcoming holiday concert. Just as the students busily practised their singing and learned new songs on the steel pans, recorders and bells, they also refined their cutting skills by cutting paper angels and weaving Christmas hearts for the holiday concert. Also, as part of the concert hall backdrop and decorations, Upper Elementary students sketched and painted window winter scenes, and Lower Elementary students created their own charming versions of the traditional character Nissen, who lives in the attic and who expects risengroed (rice pudding) on Christmas Eve.

These artful cultural celebrations have brought much joy, colour and fun to a busy first term of school. We hope everyone enjoyed the sweet singing, and all of the effort the children made to create a festive and wonderful atmosphere at the concert, with their artwork and crafts.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!



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