Gratitude Is the Attitude of the Season

‘Tis the season to be thankful, and gratitude is the attitude that we’ve been practicing in Casa this December. With Christmas just around the corner, we’ve been taking the time to reflect on just how lucky we are. We’ve been learning to recognize the difference between wants and basic human needs, and we’ve been discussing the reality that many people in the world are less fortunate than we are. So with paint brushes and pencil crayons, and powered by gratitude-filled hearts, we created our Casa Christmas tree of Gratitude!

We asked each Casa child to complete the sentence “I am grateful for …”, and their answers were written inside the ornaments and gifts that we used to decorate our Gratitude tree. Of course, the anticipation of opening gifts on Christmas morning is pretty epic for our Casa-aged children, but our goal in this project was to help them realize what the true gifts in life really are. You can tell by reading their heart-warming – and often hilarious – answers that our mission was accomplished!

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