Into the Blue: My Botanic Park Experience

My Botanic Park Experience

by Madison A., Upper Elementary East

This morning, when I got to school, we boarded a Majestic tours bus and took a long drive to the Botanic Park. When we got to the Botanic Park, we said thank you to the bus driver and lined up to enter the park. After we put our bags down, we met our tour guide, whose name is Nick.

He took us to see the blue iguanas. We saw the ones in the individual enclosures first. There are only three iguanas in the whole Botanic Park that are tame enough to touch. One of these blue iguanas is named Phil; we went to see him first. This was when I realized that my camera was not working: it was only taking videos, not pictures. Much to my disappointment, I could not fix it. Even Miss Andrea tried to fix it!

Mister Nick talked to us about how their iguanas get fed a large variety of greens every day. Next, he showed us the ones in the cages. In my opinion, they were not as interesting as the ones in the larger spaces because they did not move, they were like rocks. But they were still blue iguanas, not ROCK iguanas! After that, we walked back to our bags and had a fifteen-minute break where we ate snack.

Later on, we met a new tour guide named Mister Earl. He showed us a lot of things, but my favourite thing that he showed was the old-style Caymanian house. The bedrooms were very small and there were only three rooms in the entire house: the children’s room, the parents’ room and the bathroom. Back then, you would have had to go outside and into another house to reach the kitchen. It was very small, but contained all the things that you would need to make a meal. Afterwards, he showed us the thatch hut and bed that the father would sleep in after a long day of farming. Next, Mister Earl showed us the farm which had cabbage, pumpkin and a lot of different things growing. This was my favourite part of the Botanic Park.

This trip provided us with further knowledge of blue iguanas and native plants on our beautiful island. In addition to these aspects, we learnt about the Cayman way of life from yesteryear.



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