It’s All Fun and Games in P.E.

The children have had such an active and busy first term, and definitely deserve the upcoming Christmas break!

In the Toddler P.E. class, we have been having so much fun! The Grade Five students come to visit as part of the Toddler Leadership program, and have exceeded expectations in terms of how well they interact and guide the students. With the help of their older friends, the Toddlers have been demonstrating the ability to focus for longer periods of time, and consequently, they are learning new skills and improving with each class. Sometimes, we even have a little time left at the end of class for a song or two, although they were not particularly impressed by my rendition of “Baby Shark:” one little friend told me that he thought I should “practice it when I got home.”  🙂 

The Casa students are always up and about with a huge mix of work from class to class. I am most impressed with how their balancing and jumping skills have improved over these last few weeks. The Elementary children have continued to apply themselves to the Invasion Games unit, and worked very hard to improve the skills needed for football, tag rugby, field hockey, netball and basketball. They also worked on time management skills, and each child learned how each one of them is responsible for how far the class as a whole can progress within a session. I was especially pleased to observe how they began to apply themselves and concentrate even more than usual when they took into consideration how their effort affected others. 
Of course, there is no better way to finish up before Christmas than a week of exciting games! This fun-filled week has had every student very happy and exclaiming that “P.E. is suddenly their favourite!!!” 🙂
I wish you all a wonderful Christmas. 

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