A Brave New World Each Day in Toddler

Each day, our little Toddlers boldly experience and explore the world with fresh, curious eyes and excited, eager minds. Their daily inquisitiveness and desire to discover and master tasks are always inspiring, and especially so at the start of the New Year.

Everyone has settled in very nicely after the holiday break, and all of our little ones have been really excited to get back into their work and routines. We are all especially happy to welcome a new friend to the class, and our Toddlers are enjoying taking on an important leadership role. They are often observed helping their younger peers with their shoes, hats, and other not-yet-mastered activities.

Throughout the month of January, we have explored many different animals around the world. We focused on a different animal group each week, and created lots of imaginative and stimulating crafts inspired by these creatures.

We also introduced being the “Helper of the Day” to our daily routine. This individual Toddler job is rotated amongst all of the children, and includes special tasks such as sweeping, snack preparation, bell-ringing and being the line leader. Every morning, the first thing the children do is visit the board to see whose turn it is. As you can imagine, everyone wants to be next in line!

Even though they are little, we are always amazed by the big steps they are able to make each day, and we are delighted by how happy and proud they are when they accomplish a task. 


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