Journeying into Europe in January


With a blink of an eye, Christmas and the holiday season are over, and the New Year has begun! Our short first week back at school allowed us to ease gently back into the routines of the classroom. As January already draws to a close, the children have hit their stride in the Casa environment. 

The New Year is a wonderful time to learn about new life, and as we explored Reptiles and Amphibians this month, we especially enjoyed learning about their unique characteristics and their amazing life cycles. 

Our current continent of focus is Europe and we have had a grand time travelling around the continent, “visiting” famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Buckingham Palace, the Winter Palace, the Sistine Chapel, Neuschwanstein (special thanks to Ms. Michelle for helping us pronounce that one!), the Parthenon and the Norwegian Fjords, to name just a few! We are looking forward to our next exciting journey!

We continue to collect bottle caps, and we are very lucky to have some avid bottle cap hunters in class. Please remember that we have the Final Count on February 11th, so thank you for continuing to find those bottlecaps, and for bringing them all in!

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