Learning with Joy in January

It’s a joy to learn when you’re having fun! Developing and strengthening knowledge and skills is enjoyably easy when the method is rooted in the child’s own interests, and engages the child’s natural love of play.

Our Wilson Learning students were really dedicated to their studies during Term 1, and delighted in applying their knowledge of sight words during a game of Jenga. During the holiday season, they also mixed in some festive, crafty fun while practicing schwa sounds. THRASS students packed in loads of letter and sound work during every session, with familiar words on the board, before reading a Raz-Kids title and exploring comprehension concepts.

Math students worked with aplomb on mathematical skills ranging from seeing multiplication as repeated addition to squaring numbers, and our Social Group explored the choices one experiences in life by  developing their own game of consequence.

It’s been great to have everyone back from the holidays, ready to dive right in and make the second term of the school year even more amazing!

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