Searching with Purpose: Exploring and Googling in ICT


Correct web search is a remarkable tool for students. The world puts new content online every day and we all need to use it effectively and correctly. It is critically important that our intrepid learners at MBTS understand how to successfully use web search to find quality sources appropriate to their task.

In ICT, the Upper Elementary students are learning how to select the right search terms, understand search results and apply filtering tools to narrow search results. They are also learning how to evaluate the credibility of sources and select appropriate websites. With these skills, our students become better critical thinkers and more independent learners.

In addition to web search lessons, the Upper Elementary students continue to develop their programming skills. The Grade 6 students are learning different game design coding concepts, building their knowledge and skills in the Scratch coding program. The Grade 5 students are coding fun, interactive stories and the Grade 4 students are learning how to incorporate music and sound into their animations. It’s especially fun to be creative with coding.

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