Big Hearts – on the Court and on Target

In January, the Upper Elementary students of MBTS formed their own basketball team, entered their first-ever inter-school basketball tournament, and truly outdid themselves! Of the five games, they won three and experienced two very unlucky losses. Our children played amazingly and displayed tremendous sportsmanship.  



Since the start of the New Year, our focus in class was Target Games, which work on the children’s hand-eye coordination. The children got to play bocce, ladder golf, cornhole, croquet, archery, bowling and golf.  The ‘Target’ unit is definitely a favourite amongst the children, no matter their age or grade. They enjoy the healthy competition that comes along with these games, and they love inventing new target games. 

I would encourage families to get some of these games for your home; they can be played with a wide age range and can easily be adapted to suit all abilities. The games can be played in your yard or at the beach for hours of family fun. 

Follow this link, which has some great ideas for activities that develop aim and coordination using very minimal equipment, and for some fun target games you could set up at your next gathering or BBQ:

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