Ignite the Senses with Experience and Extensions

Between the ages of three to six, children rely more on stimuli than on reason for the processing and ordering of information. Sensorial materials are a key component of a Montessori Casa classroom because they allow Casa-aged children to take advantage of this natural inclination to experience, explore and make sense of the world through their senses. Sensorial materials aid in refining these senses, and give rise to greater skills of observation and increased vocabulary to verbally define differences in colour, texture, size, weight, shape, sound, and smell.

Children are first introduced to each Sensorial material one at a time. They work with the individual set of concrete objects until they have mastered both the physical material and the concept to which they correspond, such as length or width. But the potential for learning does not stop here! Next, the child is ready to move on to the boundless world of extensions, where they combine the Sensorial materials in numerous creative variations, combinations, and configurations. As their interests, intellect and abilities grow, they are engaged and challenged in new and unexpected ways with the materials that they have grown so familiar.

Ms. Sandra from Casa 1 has recently returned from her maternity leave and is in the middle of her formal training to become a Casa directress. She has resumed her position with fresh energy and ideas and has been implementing many of them in our Sensorial area, making exciting new extensions with the children. As you can see from the photos, they’ve been having a blast!

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