We <3 ICT!

In ICT this term, we’ve been building on the skills we established earlier in the year, creating new, exciting projects and becoming more and more comfortable with navigating the computer, its programs, and the internet.

In Kindergarten, we have mastered the use of the mouse through fun, educational games and activities. We’ve also worked through using different programs and applications, and have become more familiar with the traditional computer (vs. touchscreen devices). Most recently, we’ve been learning how to use the keyboard, all the while practising our alphabet, math skills, and sight words.

In Lower Elementary, we continuously work on our typing, learning to be more comfortable with the keyboard and creating various projects to demonstrate these skills. As we continue to use the internet as a resource, we have been taking time to reflect on and learn more about internet safety as well. We have learned to use and work with Microsoft Office systems like Word and Powerpoint, working from scratch and using templates, and focusing on how to use these programs effectively to communicate information and apply them to our other classes at school. 

We have also had the chance to use Pivot Animator to accomplish various set “animation challenges”, and take a personal approach for students to create their own animation to show off what they’ve learned. Additionally, students have been making progress in their coding courses, learning the basics of computer science by using codes to navigate through mazes, create movements in a game-like scenario, and even to create simple animations. 

What a wonderful time to be in ICT! 

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