Big Helpers in Our Neighbourhood

March was an exciting month with lots of visitors! We learned all about the amazing people (big helpers) working in our community, what they do, what tools they use and what fun vehicles they ride. The Toddlers had the opportunity to meet our local Emergency Medical Team, who came to the class to speak about helping others in need.With Ms. Chloe as her willing patient, one of our curious Toddlers did a great job as an EMT, checking her heart rate with a finger monitor. All of the children enjoyed having a turn at touching it. The children learned what a stethoscope is and how to use it, and one of the children also got to use a stethoscope for the first time.

When we visited the ambulance outside, Ms. Michelle got a ride on the ambulance chair! The children loved the colors and sounds of the sirens as the ambulance left the school in style.

On that same week, we also had Fire Emergency Services visit to explain all about safety in our community. They shared how they put out fires and even help save cats!

Throughout the month, the children also had a great time learning all about yoga, and learning how to be mindful of and stretch our body. They learned how to pick up small balls with their toes alone; now that’s a skill!

To finish our theme of the month in style, we sang a 9-1-1 song and learnt whom we call when we need help:

“If you’re in trouble, dial 9-1-1, dial 9-1-1 and help will come.

Police and fire. An Ambulance too. They’ll all be so proud of you!

If you’re in trouble, dial 9-1-1, dial 9-1-1 and help will come.”

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