Upper El Assembly Spotlight: Stay Cool and Keep Calm

The students of Upper Elementary West were cool, calm and collected as they hosted the March school assembly and brought an important topic to the forefront: Emergency Services and 9-1-1.

Guest speaker Ms. Naddine of the Department of Public Safety Communications joined the Upper Elementary students as they presented and illustrated key points on effectively managing emergencies through student-created plays. In a series of often comical skits, the students addressed three types of emergencies that required either police, ambulance or fire department assistance.  The messages consistently conveyed were to know your location, to know your parents’ names and contact numbers, and, above all else, to remain calm.

Although emergencies can be a difficult topic to broach with young children, the five student actors and actresses struck an excellent balance of conveying important messages in an engaging and entertaining way, while still emphasizing the serious nature of an actual emergency. As Ms. Naddine stated: “9-1-1 Public Education is a critical function to our community as it teaches kids and parents about who we are, the essentials of calling 9-1-1, and helps them to understand when to call and what happens when they call.” She also added, “We are committed to educating the children of the Cayman Islands about 9-1-1 and Public Safety.”

Hopefully, the students’ enjoyable, informative skits helped provide the young audience with knowledge that will help them keep calm and take the right steps in an emergency!  

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