Healthy Bodies and Curious Minds

This month we have been learning all about “My Amazing Body.” We have been incorporating engaging lessons and activities into our daily work cycle that focus on our different body parts, organs and the purpose of each organ, as well as on how we can live healthy lifestyles.  We would like to especially thank Sterling for bringing in such an amazing show-and-tell subject: a full-sized human skeleton model!  He presented the skeleton and named different bones that hide right under our skin! Great job, Sterling!

As the school year is winding down, we can happily say that the students in Casa 1 are still enthusiastically carrying on with individual and group lessons. The children are showing such an eagerness to learn and are persistently working on their individual goals to keep moving up to the next level of challenge. Here are some snap shots of the children in action! Way to go, Casa 1!

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