Capping the Year with Flying Colours

Approaching the end of the school year hasn’t dulled the thirst for creative expression in our Elementary students!

Bright, bold hues and playful themes were apt for the final weeks of school, as Lower Elementary students got the chance to get all the paints out and experiment with Wassily Kandinsky’s colour exploration, as well as make their own ice cream cones inspired by Wayne Thiebaud. Yum!


After a long wait, Upper Elementary students finally got the opportunity to use some of the thousands of plastic bottle caps that they had collected and make something out of them as a group project. They were given complete creative freedom, and the students relished working with their friends and having fun.

Throughout the third term, all of the Elementary students also worked very hard to prepare individual pieces for exhibition at the end of year Art Show. It was very gratifying for the children to enter the display space and see their own masterpieces mounted upon the walls, and for them to witness the appreciation for their work displayed by people from the school community. The exhibition pieces also remained on display throughout the various graduation and moving-up ceremonies that took place during the last week of school, adding grace and beauty to the occasion. 

I wish all of my students and their families a wonderful summer. Keep tapping into your wonderful, creative minds and hearts, and keep making some amazing art!



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