Closing the Year with Creativity

Upper Elementary students concluded this school year with lots of innovation and imagination, highlighted by the plastic “up-cycling” challenge and the students’ island projects.

Environmental awareness dovetailed with engineering excellence as the students were tasked with creatively re-purposing plastic from home into a useful product. It was lovely to see these products of their imagination, crafted out of materials that could have easily been discarded. Whether it was a Foosball table, a bird feeder, or a mobile phone holder, the designs were innovative, well thought-out, and very artfully made.

The last few weeks of school also offered the Upper Elementary students the chance to complete their island projects. This was the theme for project-based learning this term. Students incorporated Science, Geography and Mathematical concepts to produce a comprehensive study and model of an island. Topography, rainfall and average temperatures were estimated based on their location, and creative writing pieces describing the myths and/or the history of the island accompanied the projects. Students also cooked their island’s “national dishes” and made three-dimensional models of their island. It was a great exercise to revisit and synthesize such a wide range of concepts covered this year. 

We would like to thank every student for putting forward a strong effort this year. Their industrious nature coupled with their creativity led to many new discoveries.

We wish all of the UEE students and families a safe and relaxing summer. 

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