Our Happy Hive of Learning in Casa 2

Can you believe that the school year is over?

We have had so much fun in Casa 2 over the past year: new friendships have been made, virtues have been learnt, not to mention the amazing amount of learning that has taken place!  Some friends have learnt their sounds, some friends have gotten their first readers, and some friends have learnt their numbers and how to do mathematical equations. Casa 2 has truly been a happy, humming hive of learning! 

Although we are sad it is over, we know everyone is looking forward to a restful break and an invigorating change of scenery.  For those who are leaving our classroom, we wish you well and will hold precious memories of all the great times we shared together! For those who are returning in August, we look forward to welcoming our new Kindergartners and 2nd years, as well as the first years starting in Casa!  Have an awesome summer, everyone!

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