Presenting Music with Pride

Throughout the third term, we have focused on developing creativity through Music composition and special presentations.

The latter has been an especially engaging and joyful way for the children to bring together everything they have learned both individually and collectively, and proudly share their love of Music with their classmates. Presentation and performance are skills that most people will need, not just in the world of Music, but also beyond it: confident and competent presenters are better communicators all around, since they are able to structure and express their ideas clearly.

In the final weeks of school, presentations were a great way to have students demonstrate and articulate their knowledge, practice their Music and Performance skills, and strengthen their confidence. As well, the children learned to express appreciation for the talents and skills of others, and refined their ability to listen and exercise self-control as audience members. 

It was a joy to witness the children’s Musical abilities and their sheer delight as they performed, and to recognize how much they have grown in just one school year.

Bravo, MBTS! 

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