All About Me in ICT

As this is my first year here at Montessori By The Sea, I wanted to start with a review of basic ICT skills from previous years, and begin planning the first projects we will do.

The Lower Elementary students have been reviewing fundamental typing skills and refining all the mouse skills needed to use a computer. We have completed a small project called “All About Me,” where each student answers some questions to make a collage about themselves. Soon we will be looking at introducing coding and the basics of programming a robot.

The Upper Elementary students have been going over coding basics from previous years and reviewing proper finger placement for typing. We are working towards building our Microsoft Office skills and applying the coding we know to make animations and simple games.

Overall, the focus this year is on building the core skills needed for ICT while having fun. We have projects like making our own movie posters, music videos, taking apart an actual computer, and investigating what “the cloud” is all about.

I look forward to a great year ahead and hope the kids have as much fun as I know I will!

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