An Awesome Start in Art

It’s been a busy, fun, creative few weeks in Art, with the young artists of MBTS exploring self-portraiture and learning about Brazilian artist Romero Britto.

The children thoroughly enjoyed creating their self-portraits. It was a challenging project, as we went over our first attempt at a self-portrait and then learnt about proportions and facial features, resulting in a very different portrait from the first one!

We also looked at the work of Romero Britto and his eye-catching, cheerful style of art. He taught himself how to do art as a child and would use anything he could get his hands on, e.g. cardboard, canvas, newspaper. He was greatly influenced by Cubism and graffiti! After discovering his artwork we decided to design our own Britto-influenced pieces of art. The children used their imaginations to produce vibrant, colorful pictures.

I’m thoroughly looking forward to all the amazing work that the children will create in the weeks to come. 

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