Curiosity is the Key to Learning

We are having a lovely September so far in Learning Support, asking and answering questions and discovering lots of different things about each other.

Research tells us again and again that curiosity fosters the motivation to learn. Children are naturally curious individuals and this inquisitiveness should be nurtured and encouraged to promote life-long learning. In our first week in Learning Support we were all getting to know each other and I asked the children specifically what they were interested in and curious about. We discussed how curiosity helps us learn, and all the children had very interesting questions and ideas!

We then read famous quotes about curiosity and made posters with them; these posters are now hung on the wall to remind us to never stop asking questions.

At home, ICT can be used as an additional resource to encourage curiosity. There are many engaging apps and websites available to parents and children that explore a wide range of different topics. “Wizard School!” is one such app that allows children investigate various themes such as ‘Animals’, ‘Space’, ‘Science’ and ‘Sports’.

Happy exploring!

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