New Friends and New Faces in LEU

LEU welcomed eleven new Grade One students to the classroom and they have been off to a flying start as they get to grips with the transition to the Lower Elementary classroom. Grade Two and Grade Three students have displayed maturity, particularly in helping their Grade One friends and in making sure that they feel welcomed and part of the group. It has been especially gratifying to see how all the different age groups interact with each other, both in the classroom and out on the playing field.

Over the last two weeks the class has focused on the virtues of kindness and peace. Every child in class has shared – both verbally and in writing – how they have been kind to others, and we have taken little moments of peace over the last week, culminating in a minute’s silence to observe International Peace Day. We have discussed how important it is to continue practising these virtues in everyday life, whether we are at school, at home or elsewhere in the community.

With kindness and peace at the heart – and the start – of our classroom community, we know that this will be a fantastic school year in LEU!

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