Starting the Year with a BANG in LED

Over the past two weeks in LED we have been sharing the story of the First Great Lesson, which brings to life how our universe was created.

The story starts at the very beginning of time, when there was only darkness, and suddenly out of that great darkness, a TREMENDOUS EXPLOSION fills the universe with light! This is the starting point of a very comprehensive story filled with exciting demonstrations and experiments; the students especially loved the dramatic popping of a balloon, and the burst of glitter to demonstrate the “Big Bang” theory.

We discussed the rules and laws that we all have to follow at school and at home, and the children were amazed to find out there are actually laws that the particles in our universe have to follow too. Our seasoned Grade Three students did an amazing job acting out these different laws, to demonstrate the difference between particles forming solids, liquids and gases.

During the second part of our lesson, we discovered the different ways that temperature affects the three states of matter. Through hands-on discovery, we explored how the hotter the particles will go up and cold particles will go down. We concluded our lesson with a very memorable volcanic eruption and a shrinking balloon, which led to a discussion on how the oceans and mountains on our planet were formed.

The Great Lesson is always an inspiring and exciting way to start the school year, and it primes the children’s minds and imaginations for the infinite universe of learning that lies ahead!


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