Falling for P.E.

Despite it being very hot these last few weeks the students all have managed to work hard and make wonderful progress. 

Toddler students have had an excellent three weeks of classes and are very much at home with manipulating the equipment given to them. Casa students have become experts on space awareness, taking turns and continually challenging themselves with improving their balance and coordination. The Elementary students have been focused on their ‘invasion game’ unit; they have spent the last seven weeks working on football and tag rugby, and will move on to field hockey, basketball and netball after the break. Invasion games are fast-paced games that focus on teamwork, keeping possession, scoring and defending.

During the picture days, we enjoyed the a.c. indoors and worked on listening skills and reaction time games. The older children played games and did activities which worked on building trust, communication and relationships, which in turn will make them better teammates for all our invasion games.

When we return after break, the children will doubtlessly be ready for more growth and progress in P.E.!  

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