Finding Our Feelings

Some of the children in Learning Support have been learning about feelings. Like adults, children need to develop strategies for managing their emotions, so that they can build social-emotional skills. When children are more socially and emotionally aware, they can build and maintain relationships, be calm and solve problems when challenges arise. As adults, it’s important for us to talk about feelings regularly and model good strategies for different emotions.

Accurately identifying our feelings is an important step in the process of building effective social-emotional and self-regulation skills. One of the activities we have been doing is sorting objects into feeling categories (e.g. a present might make us feel excited) and then making “feelings faces” by drawing a face with glue and sprinkling glitter on it to see what feeling face it is. The children then have a “Feelings Book” they work on to consolidate their learning. We have been enjoying these classes so far!

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