Montessori Drop-in Mornings in Lower Elementary

The students in LED took great pride in showing their parents some of their favourite work choices during the Montessori Drop-in Mornings held early in October. Drop-in mornings have become an excitedly-anticipated event in both Lower Elementary classrooms, offering the children a chance to expertly share their knowledge and skills with their parents. The children are given the freedom to choose work they would like to present to their esteemed guests, often choosing work that is complex and challenging for them – and even for their parents! It is always wonderful to see how confident, calm and knowledgable the children are as they take their parents through lessons step by step.

Here are some of the LED children’s thoughts on why they loved having their parents come into the classroom for a Montessori Drop-in Morning:  

Brooke: “We get to test our parents with our challenging work!”

Bodhi: “We choose hard pieces of work to impress our parents.”

Amir: “It’s so much fun teaching them (our parents) challenging work!”

Isabelle: “It was so awesome to share with my Mum and sister my flower brochure, which I made, and I taught them about equivalent fractions.”

Jocelyn: “I really like showing my dad how to complete an SRA.”

Thank you to all of the families who attended the Lower Elementary Montessori Drop-in Mornings; your support and keen interest in your child’s education are invaluable, and so deeply appreciated by all of the children and the teachers.


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