Preparing for the Journey to MMUN

Since 2016, Montessori By The Sea has prepared Grade 6 students to participate in the Montessori Model United Nations (MMUN) Conference in New York City.  The conference exposes the students to the staggering array of challenges we face as a global community. Each year, the students and parents find it a unique and meaningful educational opportunity that empowers students to voice solutions and learn to collaborate with 1200 other like-minded students from over 15 countries. 

For the 2020 MMUN Conference in New York, we are proud to have 13 students attending. This will be the largest contingent MBTS has had attending the conference. Our students will represent the Republic of Maldives and the Republic of Botswana in the Social and Humanitarian Committee, Food and Agricultural Organization and the Disarmament and International Security Committee. Some of the topics the students have been looking at are Deforestation, Empowerment of Women, Food Security and the Safety of Journalists. 

For the students, the journey to New York 2020 began in September. After-school sessions started in September to familiarize the students with the history and work of the United Nations. Earlier in the term, the students were also empowered to choose their committees. Over the first six weeks, students focused on their initial research: understanding their topic and their country’s historical position on the topics. With the support of parents and teachers, the students have researched diligently to strengthen their understanding of these global issues. 

Alongside the academic commitment to this trip, the Grade 6 students have organized a Movie Night and also helped support parent-led MMUN fundraising initiatives at the MBTS Guild Fall festival. 

The Grade 6 students marketed and planned the Movie night in its entirety. The students were responsible for sourcing out the movies, conducting surveys with their target market, developing and organizing games, going grocery shopping and of course, ordering the pizza and dismissing the attendees. From an educator’s standpoint, this is an integral part of the development of the whole child. Allowing students to organize and take ownership of an event like ‘Movie Night’ offers the students a platform for these Montessori children to showcase their life skills. The Grade 6 students and Upper elementary teachers would like to thank the entire MBTS community for supporting the Movie Night. We raised over $1000 towards the trip.  

The work continued the next day, with the MMUN students taking the opportunity to speak to families at the MBTS Family Picnic and tell them more about MMUN. This provided an opportunity for the children to grow in confidence and to hone their public speaking skills. Some students, along with several MBTS teachers and parents, even volunteered to brave the annual Dunk Tank! Every splash signaled success in fundraising! The Grade 6 students would like to thank all of the parents for organizing fundraising initiatives at the Fall Festival Family Picnic, including the raffle, drink station and the Dunk Tank, and to all of the families for their generous support. We are especially grateful to all the teachers and Mr. Paul for volunteering to be dunked, and to Ms. Margaret for her auctioneering talents! As a result of everyone’s dedication, the parents and students raised over $2400 towards the trip!

Over the next four months, the students attending this trip have a lot of work ahead of them. This trip is only possible with the help of the entire MBTS community. We appreciate your commitment, generosity and support, and we will keep you posted on our preparation for MMUN 2020 and any upcoming events. 

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