An Exciting and Eventful November in Casa 2!

The past several weeks have been eventful and exciting in Casa 2!

After a well-earned Mid-Term break, the children came back with much excitement and anticipation for our Annual Costume/Pajama Party. We spent the morning doing Halloween art and decorated our treat bags which were filled quickly with lovely treats from our friends. We also had a visit from some friendly pirates who sang songs and read us a story. Thankfully, no one was scared of the “Barnacle Pirate”, whose impressive costume was a sight to behold!

This month, we also started our first in-depth look at our continent of focus – North America – and had fun learning interesting facts about the third-largest continent in size. Did you know that North America is only made up of 23 countries, but is the fourth most populous continent in the world?

We have also been learning all about plants, algae and fungi by taking an in-depth look at the characteristics of plants and their life cycles. We were amazed how many different kinds of weird and wonderful plants there are on our planet and how many we can actually eat! We did a nature walk in the garden and the children were able to spot many of the different leaf shapes that feature from our botany cabinet.  We also conducted an experiment for our S.T.E.M. morning, demonstrating the process of osmosis, using celery and white flowers, sitting in colored water. Our first field trip to Pedro St. James also gave us an opportunity to spot some interesting plants.


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