A North American Adventure in LED

LED’s North American continent study came to a wonderful close this week with a project display day. Each term in Lower Elementary is focused on a different continent. Living in Grand Cayman, North America is always a favorite. Throughout the term, the students have explored the continent’s different biomes, animals, landmarks, rivers and mountains.

The children particularly enjoyed sharing personal connections to their travels around North America. They spoke about seeing many of the animals, birds and landmarks that featured in their projects.

The children started working on their projects in November by researching their topics, paraphrasing information that they found in books or in online resources, writing a first draft, and handwriting or typing their final version of their poster or book. The children showed great imagination, creativity and enthusiasm while creating their artwork to accompany the written part of their projects. It was a joy to see how excited and proud they were as their artwork, posters and books took shape.

The project display on Thursday, December 12th was extremely well-attended. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the parents who came and showed such keen interest in the children’s written and creative work. Your time and effort are invaluable in cultivating a love of learning in the children! 

Well done, LED!

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