A Peek into the Past: Casa Visits Pedro St. James

As our busy and hardworking Casa students start to wind down for the winter break, we wanted to steer away from all things “holiday” and share with you our lovely field trip to Pedro St. James.  The Casa students enjoyed a lovely tour about this great historical site. It started with a brief introduction regarding the history of Pedro’s Castle, given by a kindly and knowledgeable gentleman. Afterwards, the children made their way to the interactive theater, where they listened to thunder, watched flashing lights, and watched a short film about the people who once resided in the great house. Then, the children got to explore the house and see how Caymanians once lived, way before electricity was ever introduced. The children got the chance to visit the little “jail,” as well as walk through the “caboose,” which served as an outdoor kitchen back in the olden days. 

Simply visiting and walking through Pedro St. James’ beautiful green space and its stately house is a meaningful and peaceful experience for the children, who quietly absorb a little bit of Caymanian history as they peek into a beautifully-preserved window into the past.  

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