Honoring the Everyday 

Students in LEU have been kindly honoring great things about each other. It feels good to honor someone when they do something special or learn something new, but we also wanted to recognize the ordinary things that happen every day in LEU, as they are what make our classroom family special and unique. We are lucky to have students learn and grow in our class for three years and it’s the little routines, our favourite things to do, and all the personalities in our room that make it feel like home.  

Here are some excerpts from ‘A Day in LEU’ by the Grade Three students:  

“It’s another beautiful day in LEU. We’ve just come up the stairs and now we are all sitting down on the carpet for attendance. On a usual Tuesday, it’s time for drama. I wonder what Ms. Bex has planned for us today…? We did plays of the Three Little Pigs! Before you know it, Drama is over and it’s time for mindfulness. We sit down on our seats and close our eyes and take three mindful breaths. We learn about mindful seeing, listening… it’s peaceful in LEU!” – Ebba 

“It’s another day in LEU. We walk up the stairs to our classroom and put away our bags and hats and sit on the carpet. Now it’s time to take attendance, and after that we start our planners. Then we start our three-hour work cycle. My favourite piece of work is long division. After the work period, we do silent reading, then we have lunch and after lunch, we have playtime. After playtime is over, we come inside for handwriting and then specialties. And finally, it’s home time. One busy day in LEU!”  – Liam  

“It’s another great day in LEU. It’s fun and there are lots of nice people to talk to, and some funny ones too! The snack is good and sometimes there is popcorn. Do you like to read? Well, you’re in luck because we have silent reading every day for half an hour. I really like LEU because everyone is so nice!” – Ryan  

“It’s a nice sunny day in LEU, we never have grey thunder storms upstairs! I like that we can choose what work we do and where we can sit. The teachers are really nice. My favourite day is Friday because we have PE and we have ICT. My favourite part of the day is snack time – sometimes we have popcorn. I like silent reading because it keeps us quiet! Every Friday we can choose books to take home and read.” – Amelie 

Liam and Ebba acted as reporters for the day, gathering quotes from other LEU students about their favorite things in LEU: 

I like LEU because of my friends. – Nicholas  

I really like it when we study North America, it’s really interesting. – Emilia

I really like to learn new things and it’s taught me a lot. – Sadie 

I love silent reading, it’s one of my favourite things. – Oliver 

I love my teachers and I’m so happy to have my friends. – Poppy  

I love doing the chain with my friends. – Luke 

I really like the privilege that we get to choose our own work. – Liam 

I really like learning Math. – Charlotte  

I like having lessons on Fractions. – Caio 

I really like LEU because you get a lot of chances. – Gia

I like LEU because there are so many books and the teachers are really nice. – Persey 

I really like all the work we learn and every day I learn something new. – Ebba 

I like that there’s a huge library – Oscar K. 

I like the pattern of the 9 chain and the time word problems. – Fin  

The teachers are really nice. – Noelle  

I like having lunch with my friends. – Joby 

I like my journal. – Teana 

I like LEU because we get to learn because some people don’t get to learn. – Jacob 

I like long division and my friends. – Matteo 

I like the new spelling. – Emilia  



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