Stimulating Our Senses

For the Toddlers, the month of January has been all about exploring our senses and learning about our bodies.

For the sense of touch, they have enjoyed getting their little hands and feet dirty whilst exploring new textures, like stretchy slime, bubble wrap, squishy spaghetti and more.

For the sense of taste, the children have enjoyed having opportunities to taste a variety of foods. We have learned that our tongues can taste many different flavours: sour, salty, sweet and bitter. Their faces were priceless when they tasted the very sour lemon!

For the sense of smell, we have used smelling bags to experience different smells, and have also used a mortar and pestle to discover the amazing aroma of herbs and other foods when crushed up. Did you know that most children can smell better then adults?

For the sense of hearing, we are exploring our voices and we use this opportunity to discern between our inside voice and outside voice by listening carefully. We also have shake bottles and instruments out on the shelves, and the children also enjoy listening to the noises that nature makes on the playground.

By exploring their senses, our young Toddlers develop an understanding of their bodies and experiences, and absorb more about the world around them.

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