Love Is a Bit of Drama…


We have been having a very exciting, fun, energetic time in Drama in the second term.

In Lower Elementary, we have been focusing on cultivating teamwork, forming friendships and learning how to expressively use our voices. We have been playing around with games, tongue twisters, movement, pretend play and lots of challenging teamwork games. The children have already grown in confidence and even the shyest child has come forward and spoken in front of their friends and participated in all the games.

In Upper Elementary, we have also focused on building teamwork, and on how to build a character, movement, improvisation and how to use our voices on stage. The young thespians in Upper Elementary already have a very strong bond with Drama, which is very clear in their enthusiastic and expressive participation in all of our Drama games. They are also excitedly preparing for the upcoming Shakespeare Festival, which will be taking place at the end of March.

Communication skills are very important in Drama and through performing different dialogues, the children have been able to give confident, positive feedback to each other.

It’s been wonderful to see all the children grow in confidence in themselves and in their class communities. It’s not easy getting up in front of people and they should be so very proud of what they have achieved so far!

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