Love Is Learning to Lego…

Maria Montessori believed that “play is the work of the child”. For the past number of weeks we have been building friendships, developing perspectives, collaborating with others, and developing our communication skills through play using Lego.

The Lego activity occurs in a structured environment where children have clearly defined roles: Engineer, Supplier and Builder. Each role has its own duties and responsibilities that must be carried out in order to build a wide variety of objects with Lego, such as a car, turtle or submarine. The Engineer gives the instructions, the Supplier gathers the pieces needed, and the Builder puts them all together. Children decide upon the rules and they are formulated collaboratively so all participants are aware of what is expected.

Using Lego gives the children an opportunity to catch up with each other, chat about our week, discuss how we are feeling and share solutions to any problems that may have cropped up.

So far we have been enjoying the sessions and have built – and learned – lots of interesting things!

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