Love is Making a Difference in Our Community

As February is the month of love, it gives us great pleasure to share with you how the Upper Elementary Kids C.A.R.E. volunteers embrace the virtue of love by giving back to their community. Kids C.A.R.E forms an integral part of cultivating empathy, community connections and social awareness beyond the classroom. This is a student-led program which provides them with a wonderful platform to think of suggestions on how to help and serve others, as well as care for their environment.


The students have divided their activities into various categories and for starters, they decided to focus on cleaning up their immediate environment. They signed the 3-4-5 Pledge to create awareness and reduce consumption of single-use plastics in school. They run the Upper Elementary recycling program and participate in beach clean-ups to clear waste that washes ashore the beach below their classroom. 


Looking further afield, they learnt about protecting Cayman’s wonderful Fauna and Flora. Ms. Laura Egglishaw spoke to them about the importance of saving the Turtle Grass at Barker’s Beach and Ms. Cathy Childs from the National Trust did a workshop on the important role mangroves play in our environment. 

As part of trying to protect the dwindling population of our mangroves, the student volunteers of Kids C.A.R.E. have decided to collect mangrove propagules and embark on a project to grow and plant them. Through these types of wonderful ideas and projects, the students are learning that no act is too small to make a difference. We applaud them for volunteering and for their effort in making a difference to their community. 

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