Love Is Meeting a New Favourite Book

Love is in the air in LED… a love of reading, that is! 

The students in LED celebrated Valentine’s Day this year with a very special Book Tasting: Everyone brought in their favorite books from home to share with their friendsWhen they arrived in the classroom, they noticed that it had been transformed into an elegant “literary restaurant,” complete with fancy tablecloths, beautiful flowers, glowing tea-lights and calm, instrumental music filling the air.

For this very special event, students were invited to dress in their Sunday best; after all, meeting a new “favourite book” merits putting forth our best selves! Everyone was free to move around to get a little ‘taste’ of the different books. After reading a few pages, they could decide if it was a book in which they were interested. They then completed their Valentine’s Day tasting menu, wherein they wrote a few sentences about the book and decided whether it was something that they wished to read in full later on.

At the end of the Book Tasting, the students were absolutely full – of excitement and fresh new ideas for books that they can’t wait to read!  

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